Magoha Has Ordered School Administrators To Begin Registering Students For The KPSEA, KCSE, and KCPE

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The Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has issued a one-week deadline for schools to enrol students in Grade 6, Class 8 and Form 4 for the Kenya National Examinations in 2022.

The CS expressed his unhappiness at the school leader's failure to provide the Ministry of Education with sufficient advance time to print the tests when he spoke at Kisumu Girls high school on Saturday 7. For the first time since the country implemented the Competency Based Curriculum, Magoha added, students in grades six through eight will take their final exams this year. Before the end of the week, he urged the school's principals and heads of departments to make sure that all students were registered for KPSEA, KCPE, and KCSE.

Students must be registered for KPSEA, KCSE, and KCPE by their headteachers or principals. By the end of the week, all candidates should have registered, allowing us to print the exam papers in a timely manner. It was Magoha's opinion.

This is a great opportunity to even those who did not perform well in the past KCSE to go back and do better.

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