Malaria Kills: Checkout Symptoms Treatment And Prevention

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Malaria is one of the most deadly, dreaded, yet underrated illnesses. It is caused by a parasite that commonly infects a certain type of mosquito which feeds on humans. The Mosquito responsible for transmitting malaria is called female anopheles Mosquito.

Some of the most common symptoms people with malaria experience is, feeling really sick with high fever, shaking chills, and flu-like illness. Sometimes, they throw up, when the malaria is advanced, people can feel bitterness in their mouth.

Some ways to prevent malaria are as follows:

*Use Mosquito repellent creams, always try to go for organic ones which will not have side effects on your skin.

*Keep your environment clean, clean the drainages around where you live and throw away empty cans. Mosquito bleeds in empty cans when water collects inside them

*Use treated bed Mosquito net to sleep.

*If you can afford air conditioner, use them because Mosquito do not strive in cold environments.

*When you feel Mosquito has infested your abode, spray insecticide and close the house. Make sure everyone leaves the house because the chemicals used in making insecticides are very harmful. Stay away at least for 45 to one hour after spraying.

Finally, when you feel you have malaria symptoms, do not assume and self medicate. Quickly visit the hospital, the doctor will recommend the accurate tests for you after listening to your symptoms. Once your result comes out, it it's indeed malaria, stick to doctor's prescriptions.

Be aware, take care of your health.

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