Double cuteness: Photos of Nhyira and Simona that show they are adorable


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The sight of children bring divine joy to the beholder. Most often, their cuteness is what warms the heart of many including the close family members. For some time now, Nana Akua Nhyira and Simona Osei have remained two of the most styled and adorable baby girls on social media especially Instagram.

The former is the daughter of Kumawood actress, Tracey Boakye whiles the latter is the daughter of Strongman, the Ghanaian rapper. In their recent photos, Nana Akua Nhyira is spotted wearing a white top over a multi colored skirt which matched her hair bonnet. Wearing a black and white shoe, she posed while sitting on a children’s car.

Simona Osei is also spotted wearing a green long sleeve dress with black shoes. She also complimented her outfit with a Christian Dior hat whiles posing for the camera. The photos of these adorable girls show that, they are truly adorable. See the photos below and don’t forget to follow KiaraNellie, comment, like and share. Thanks.

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