They Are Not All Mad. Some Are Hungry; Give Them Food and See


We, as a people, have many problems some of which solutions are found in simple things. As a society and as a government, we constitute committees that end up consuming a lot of tea and producing little to no result. Most of the time one would realize upon a little thinking that issues that confront us are issues that require just an application of common sense and nothing else to deal with. The story of ‘Mo na mo bl3’ is a classic case in point. Thanks to Kofi Adoma of Kofi TV fame, we have come to realize that we don't need long talk to deal with issues like this.

Kwasi Ampofo is the name of the madman whose popular comment, ‘Mo na mo bl3’ endeared him to the heart of many on social media. He is a classic case of how provision of food and a little care can turn the fortunes of many madmen on our street around.

Responding to the question how he survives as a madman, he responded among other things that for food for instance, all they (madmen) need to do is pick any on the ground, clean it, and then munch on it. He concluded by saying, it's easier to survive as an insane person than a sane one hence the expression, ‘Mo na mo bl3’, to wit ‘You are the ones suffering.’

For his sudden transformation, one can surmise that what he was going through may not have been a very severe psychological or mental breakdown. For many this is a situation that results from one’s inability to provide for themselves and their family their basic needs. In other words, they are too poor to be able to do that. Poverty is a state which can send a lot of people into depression especially if one has ever tasted wealth. This depression can make one go insane if not properly handled.

Kwasi Ampofo’s case should give us a hint to begin to restrategize on how to handle the issue of mad men on our street. Let's first get them off the street, give them a good bath, shave them and clothe them. Let's us FEED them for sometime amidst counselling and basic medication and use that as basis to separate the serious cases from the others.

Not all madmen are mentally ill. Some are using it as a surviving strategy.