3 Effects Of Drinking Warm Water Before Sleeping At Night

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Water is important in the life of every human being as it is used for many delicate processes, the colorless liquid can serve drinking, bathing, and cooking purposes, but only drinking water will be focused on considering the effects it may have on us when consumed at night.

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We consume water daily to perform basic body functions, and some of these functions are accompanied by water loss, both in small and relatively large quantities. We lose water when we breathe, sweat, and pass out urine, this means we need to drink sufficient amount of water daily, this can be achieved by drinking a glass of water with every meal, and some more at other times.

Focussing now on drinking warm water at night, there are three effects to be talked about but they're all not positive effects.

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1. Water can help improve your mood.

This has been experimented and according to Healthline, lack of water can affect your mood and deprive you of a good sleep-wake cycle, however, there's a tendency for you to show calmness, positive mood, and satisfaction when you drink water at night.

People who normally drink sufficient amount of water showed less positive emotions and less calmness when they couldn't have as much water as they used to, and on the other hand, those who didn't normally drink enough water showed much positive emotions, satisfaction, and calmness when they increased their water intake at night.

This simply shows that water helps our mood when we drink it at night.

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2. Water is a natural cleanser.

Warm water helps to detoxify your body and improve digestion, drinking warm water at night may help your body to break down waste, increase blood circulation and sweat output. With sweating comes the loss of fluid through which toxins and excess salt are removed from the body, this is a form of cleansing that is done as a result of drinking warm water before going to bed at night.

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3. Sleep deprivation and interrupted sleep cycle.

Drinking water or warm water at night has two positive effects that have been talked about above, but there's a downside to it, this comes as a result of drinking water too close to your bedtime, let's say a few minutes before you sleep, it is too close to your bedtime and it will simply disrupt your sleep cycle by causing you to wake up frequently to urinate.

If you constantly have to wake up from your sleep to urinate at night then you've been deprived not just of sleep, but of good quality sleep, which is needed by every human. Sleep deprivation has negative effects on our hearts as it makes us vulnerable to high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, let's not forget weight gain too.

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It is important to know that adults who sleep less than 6 hours are more open to stroke, so, this is a wake-up call for us all, we need to drink adequate water but we also need to be timely about it.

In conclusion, drinking water at night before going to bed has both good and bad effects, we should try to obtain the benefits and leave the bad effect behind.

Source: Healthline

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