Numbers Of COVID-19 Cases Recorded As Of September 16 th

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Today 511 people have tested positive for the disease, from a sample size of 7,955 tested in Total confirmed positive cases are now 245,337 and cumulative tests so far conducted are 2,478,820.

In the interim, 273 patients have recuperated as of now, including 168 from different offices the nation over and 105 from the home-based disengagement and care. 

"Complete recuperations presently remain at 235,469 of whom 190,670 are from the Home-Based Care and Isolation program, while 44,799 are from different wellbeing offices," the Health Ministry added. 

Simultaneously, 12 new passings have been accounted for over the most recent one day, pushing the all out number of fatalities to 4,961. 

"Every one of them being late passings revealed subsequent to leading office record reviews in March, April May, July, August and September 2021," the Ministry said. 

A sum of 3,241,751 antibodies had been managed the nation over by Wednesday, September 15. As per information from the Health Ministry, complete first portions are 2,397,641 while second dosages are 844,110. 

"The take-up of the second portion among the people who accepted their first portion is at 35% with the greater part being guys at (55%) while females are at (45%)," the Ministry said. 

The extent of grown-ups completely immunized is presently 3.1%.

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