Funny Memes And Jokes To Spice Your Day

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1. I learnt in Nigeria, the police will arrive 30 minutes later at a crime scene and they will be , sir where did the criminal pass.

2. When did you realized that the word MUM means MY OWN MOTHER.

3. My bed and I have a special relationship. We are perfect for each other. But my alarm clock just hate seeing us together.

4. That movement when the teacher tell you to sit in the front then you look back and see your friends cheating.

5. That moment you decided to start saving at all cost, few minutes you see yourself buying suya and saying person must enjoy small.

6. Even if he beats me I still love him, na so some aunty front teeth take pull finish.

7. ASAP Means As Soon As possible stop using it like an illiterate which one is I LOVE YOU ASAP.

8. This Church in my area will not kill me with prayer point which one is LORD PRESS NY ENEMIES LIKE AGEGE BREAD.

9. Imagine your teacher flogging the whole class when he reaches your she shouts class prefect give me a new cane.

10. Ask a lady to call 10 of her friends for financial help, 90 percent will be male, what exactly is the colour of your problem.

11. Poverty and its trouble, somebody borrowed his friend's car to an eatery, and come back with keke, forgetting the car at the eatery.

12. A good boyfriend is tall the rest are fake. I am in my house come and beat. But remember I am not feeling fine oh.

13. I just need a girl that will kiss me and then whisper in my ear give me your account number. Guy should I increase the volume?

14. Me as a surgeon. Sir breathe fast, is like I have cut your lung.

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