The Game ODM Is Playing To Desuade Raila's Opponents

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ODM leaders came out to declare that the BBI will be passed and that will surely form the stepping stone for the former prime minister Raila Odinga in the 2022 presidential race, just after the Alego chaos.

The same ODM leaders disassociated bbi with succession politics, claiming that bbi is not a about the next general elections with Raila chosing not to declare his stance on the Uhuru's succession debate.

This means that they have been banking on the passing of BBI in denial and now that bbi train don't seem to be slowing they feel confident to say that the same train is what will take Raila to statehouse.

They are therefore trying to make there rivals think that they are not interested in succession politics now and will decide after BBI, what others don't know is that ODM and succession politics is the same thing for ODM.

This is because the constitution amendment bill 2020 is set to be passed next week in both houses of parliament and what will follow is referendum and general elections.

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