"I Attended The NDC Tema Forum Because Of What Rawlings Told Me Before He Died" - NDC Big Wig Speaks


Since last week one of the issues that has dominated the headlines is the internal confusion brewing in the biggest opposition, NDC. Over the weekend 2 different programmes were held in Ho and Tema to strategize for the party. Though both groups had genuine intentions, it looks like the leaders of the 2 groups do not share much in common aside the party name.

According to Dan Abodakpi, it looked like the NDC had departed from their ideals of Probity and Accountability as well as democratic representation. Dr. Kumbour also agreed to this assertion.Dr. Ben Kumbour was a former Vice Chairman for the NDC and one of the Council of Elders.

On Joy News' 'PM Express', Evans Mensah asked Dr. Kumbour once critical question as to why he chose to attend the Tema forum as against the Ho conference that had the core NDC executives present. According to him the Minority leader indicated that he will be invited but that never came officially. 

He added that he received an invitation from the Tema forum executives so he shares some ideas about the way forward for the party. He said he decided that since some members of the council of elders will be at the Ho forum he decided to join the Tema one. He added that the major reason for joining the Tema forum was about something the late Jerry Rawlings told him some time ago.

"Before the founder died he invited me alongside some leaders and said Ben, am getting tired. One of the things you need to do is to unite the cadre movements. The splinter groups of the cadres are not helping. Rawlings told me to tell them to stop complaining of being marginalized since they are marginalizing themselves. 

I took up this responsibility a year before Rawlings died. We have held a number of meetings to try this reconcilation. So when I saw the United Cadres Front as part of the organisers of the Tema forum, I thought this will be an opportunity to share some thoughts" Dr. Kumbour said

Can Dr. Kumbour be taken at his word that he did what he did because of what Rawlings told him? Is he in league with the Tema faction also known as the Rawlings faction? Which personality stands best in leading the NDC to victory in 2024?

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