"Dress Was Ksh 100" Stir As Actress Brenda Wairimu Shares This Online

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Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu has left her online followers talking after sharing one of her pictures on Instagram. Taking to her account, she shared a picture of herself dressed in a black dress, then went on to give details on the prices of all she wore. 

According to her, the dress was bought at a price of Ksh 100. However, she shocked netizens when she revealed the price of the wig. According to her post, her wig cost her Ksh 57,000. 

She then went on to state that whatever she has done is called balancing. This post attracted reactions from from her fans, some arguing that she was wearing all that is worth their salary. 

This comes at a time when most of the celebrities are too concerned about the quality of their outfit. Just few days ago, retired socialite Vera Mung'asia also known as Vera Sidika indicated going to the extent of importing cloths for her unborn kid from a broad. Vera, Mukiri Muthoni and media personality Betty Kyallo are among the celebrities running some of the beauty businesses charging thousands of money for their services. 

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