'11 Million A Month' How Uhuru Kenyatta Ended Hopes Of A Bus Company Riping From The State-Run KAA


President Uhuru Kenyatta during a past press address.

Winning a government tender in Kenya is like winning a mega-jackpot.

However, before winning some of the tenders advertised in the country, a company(s), or any organization should have deep roots with the government to be awarded such tenders, in most cases.

Without its support, you can win a tender and never get a dime.

This is the case of a company that won the tender of operating at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to ferry passengers on the airside of the airport.

According to a revelation by the Business Daily, Relief & Mission Logistics won this tender in 2014 and was supposed to operate for a period of 8 years, being paid 11 million a month for their five buses in operation.

However, barely a year in operation, President Uhuru Kenyatta paid a visit at the airport, questioning how such a whoping amount was being paid to a bus company.

His questions prompted the KAA to cancel the tender citing that this was due to public interest.

The company was dealt a huge blow having secured the five buses on loan.

They moved to court and have now been awarded Ksh. 158 million by the court.

Giving the judgment, a sole arbitrator, Mr. Allen Gichuhi pointed out that KAA did not provide evidence showing that their cancelation of this tender was due to public interest.

“From the preponderance of evidence, the inescapable conclusion is that the respondent had no lawful basis for termination of the agreement summarily and hide behind the cloak of convenience, necessity and public interest,” Mr Gichuhi ruled as quoted by Business Daily.

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