Kaaka's family refusing to appear before Justice Kingsley Koomson's committee, accusing it of 'bias'


The family of Ibrahim Mohammed aka Kaaka has written to the Justice Kingsley lead committee that it won't make appearance to the committee to testify.

The committee after yesterday's sitting announced that the families of Ibrahim Mohammed and the two others will be next to appear before it.

But in a statement sighted by CitizenOne, Rafiu Mohammed, spokesperson to Kaaka's family said they did not trust the focus of the committee will serve them the justice they so desired.

“We, the family of Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed, regret to formally notify you of our decision to not participate in the ongoing public inquisition, which is purportedly concerned with the “circumstances that led to the unfortunate occurrences of Tuesday, 29th June 2021”.

“However, events over the past few days, have left less certain of the scope, focus, real intent and even utility of the ongoing inquiry. As such, we feel let down in our enthusiasm for what we assumed would provide a much-needed opportunity for truth, soul-searching and institutional accountability for state-sanctioned violence.” the statement added.

According to the statement, after obtaining an independent legal advice as to the work of the Committee, and their rights vis-à-vis the Committee, the family became apprehensive of the substantive and procedural regularity of the Committee’s work.

"We are also now concerned that the Committee’s work does not provide the appropriate framework for a full, faithful and impartial inquiry, as envisaged under Article 278 of the 1992 Constitution. In this connection, we note, in particular:

“(1) Our regret with the decision to not establish this inquiry using the powers provided for under Article 278 of the 1992 Constitution. We are concerned that the failure to institute a proper Commission of Inquiry under Article 278, means that this Committee of inquiry does not have the powers, rights and privileges of the High Court or a Justice of the High Court at a trial. As such, the Committee has no power to (a) enforce the attendance of witnesses and examine them on oath,” parts of the statement said.

Many who have followed the three member committee's public hearing have criticized it's modus operandi with some accusing it of 'majoring the minor'.

Executive Director of Media Foundation for West Africa, Sulemana Braima said the committee seemed to have lost focus and he was afraid it will miss it as it spent too much time trying to find fault with the media.

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