Zora;Zora finds Out That Its Fella Who Has Been Making Her Life Difficult.


In the episode,we see Zora leaving her house because of mistreatments fro Fella her husband. She rents a simple house and starts her new life together with her son,Simba. She also quits her teaching job and starts selling vegetables.

Zora does not want to go back to her husband despite her mother's incitement. Fella wants Zora back but by the look of things, he is still bringing other women in their matrimonial home,a thing that made Zora to leave the house.

Zora is going through a lot,we see some people going to her business claiming for the business licence. When zora reaches her house in the evening, she finds her house without electricity, she was denied electricity because she has not paid rent,the month is not even over but the landlord wants rent. The owner of the house threatens her that if she does not pay electricity bill plus rent,then they will chase her away.

Zora comes to know that it was Fella who has Been sending people to mistreat her for her to become desperate and return to him. Even though she is suffering this much,she does not go back to her husband fella. She tries her level best to make sure that Her son Simba,is doing well.

Will Fella win Zora over again? Please share your comment.

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