A High School Teacher Gets A Beating Of His Life After He Was Caught Harassing A Student


Police in Email Town in Makueni County on Monday afternoon had to intervene and save the life of a high school teacher after angry boda boda riders and local netizens gave him a beating of his life.

This happened after the teacher was cornered attacking and harassing a male student who had not tucked in his school shirt. It was alleged that he kicked the student very hard causing the member of Public to help the student.

This was reported by Kameme Ka Mukamba as below

"Emali, Makueni County.

Mwalimu kuvitia syatemana kula kwi raiaaaa na atwai ma bodaboda itina wa kutheeela student sokoni wa Emali.

Student usu etwikana ndeeethikite sati"

In English " A teacher in Emali Makueni county escaped death after the locals and bodaboda riders gave him a beating when he kicked a student for not tucking in his school shirt."

Below is the screenshot of the post

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