Meet The Old Grandmother Who Is A Model, She Is Over 70 Years Old But Still A Slayer

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Fashion has traditionally been associated with the younger generation because of the preference for models that appear to be younger. However, the industry has recently begun to embrace martial arts modeling. This shows that in the modeling profession, age is just a number and should not be a barrier to success.

As a rule, modeling has been linked with the younger generation since clients and agencies want models who are more youthful and younger-looking. However, the industry has recently turned its focus to martial arts modeling, which is growing in popularity. To put it another way, age is just a number in the modeling industry, and being successful at any age shouldn't be a barrier.

Even more so for senior women models than for young ones, the modeling industry can be difficult to break into. Only someone with a strong will and perseverance, like Madame Abimbola Idowu, can model at the age of 70. Mama Abimbola Idowu proved that age is no barrier to success in Nigeria's modeling industry despite the fact that we rarely see older people come into the studio to pose for photos or visit the studio to take shots.

Segilola Grey, a.k.a. Mrs. Abimbola Idowu, has a heartwarming tale to tell about her time spent in the United States. At a time when being a model at her age would be seen as a hazardous attempt by most, she is one of those people who wanted to pursue her aspirations despite her advanced age.

This was also true of her novels, since she was relentlessly assaulted from the outset of her literary career for everything she wrote. Model Idowu, in her seventies, grew up on Berkeley Street in Lagos State's Ebute-Metta district and went to St. Peter's Catholic School, where she graduated with honors in grade six. A few years after the death of her husband, the woman who was introduced to the modeling industry by one of her daughters is fearless and determined to carve out a name for herself in the industry. As a well-known hairdresser and model himself, his mother's son encouraged her to modeling by showing her the advantages of becoming one herself.

Her son, Idowu Oluwatosin, believes that in order to grow the Nigerian modeling industry, more photoshoots should be conducted with professionally mature women like Sejilola Grey.

She was initially hesitant, but after convincing her son, she became enamored with her modeling job and resigned from "Alaga-Iduro," where she presided over wedding ceremonies and offered catering services, in order to focus solely on her modeling endeavors. When Abimbola first started modeling, she didn't want her age to hold her back because of her age as a widow and a grandmother. People of all ages should be inspired by Abimbolla's story because it is never too late to achieve your goals and you should never let anything get in the way of your success. To young aspiring models, Abimbola acts as a role model showing that being a successful model does not necessitate being naked.

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