Dj Cuppy shows off new footwear that her mother bought for her even though she's a grown-up lady.


One of the things that cannot be easily measured in life is the love of a mother to her child no matter the child's age.

Mothers especially from African countries do not believe that their children are completely grown. They keep their care for their children as though the children are still at tender ages even when the children grow and get old.

This is equally one of the reasons why people pray for long life upon their parents because, they are the only people who would always correct and take care of you as though you're a child, no matter how big you have grown.

Dj Cuppy has today shown the footwear her mother bought for her. Dj Cuppy may have so much money to buy any kind of footwear she needed but receiving it from her mother is to her an expensive blessing.

See the pictures of DJ Cuppy and the new footwear her mother got for her below.