UDA Chairman Sends A Special Advice To DP William Ruto During This Hard Time

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United Democratic Alliance Party Chairman Senetor Johnson Muthama today has clearly clear the air after what deputy president William Ruto has been undergoing through in his office as the deputy president of Kenya for the two terms.

Today, Johnson Muthama said that he is looking forward to advice deputy president William Ruto when he gets into office as the president of the republic of Kenya coming 2022. According to Muthama, deputy president William Ruto should make the office of his deputy independent and it should be protected from bias and intimidations.

"My advice to @Williamsruto is that when he gets into office of the President in 2022, he should make office of his Deputy independent and protect it from prejudice & ridicule. It's unfortunate & shameful to see him being mistreated by regime he campaigned for in 2013 & 2017," tweeted UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama.

UDA Chairman Senetor Johnson Muthama added that there is no need for deputy president William Ruto to come and do the same thing that Uhuru Kenyatta did to him hence he should take note of that.

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