You Are Callous And Senseless- Nana Aba Anamoah Reacts Angrily On Instagram


Celebrity and broadcast journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah couldn't hold her temper and frustration about how some Ghanaians 'heartlessly' treated an accident victim in their neighborhood. She had just shared a sad story of an anonymous texted who told her about the plight the mother had endured for years after some oil burns.

Per the texter's narration, the mother got injured by a motorist who knocked a pan full of hot cooking oil. The mother got her legs 'fried' leaving scars on them. She noted in her text that some residents had resorted to insult and stigmatize her with the scars.

Sadly, she wrote that; "neighbors always use to insult her that her burnt legs like plantain". The troubled mother is traumatized and would cry her heart out for being stigmatized.

"She always feel bad and cry all day. I also feel bad because it I hate it when my mom cries. Please tell them to stop."

Touched by the emotional text, Nana Aba Anamoah cried out and criticized those residents for what they've been doing to the woman.

"Some of you are callous and senseless. How is this funny?," she asked on Instagram.

You surely could guess right how many after reading the text reacted. They empathised with the woman and her child, as they condemned the stigma meted out her.

She might not be the only victim of such social abuse. Accounts are that many people with physical deformities eaither by accident or by birth or by illness had suffered varied stigmatization and marginalisation from others.