4 signs you should get back together with your ex


This topic must sound weird to you right? To break up is the hardest thing to do. It is the one of the difficult task to achieve in life, especially when you want to go all out with the break up. Sometimes, break up is the first thing that comes to mind when our partners hurt us a lot. The next most challenging thing to do is to think that your past relationship deserves another chance, right? After you’ve made up your mind to move on, and there they are before you, pleading for a second chance. Do you believe in second chances? I do because numerous of times have God given us chances to mend our unrighteous ways. 

Yes, I may not know the reason for your break up. Sit quietly and ask yourself if truly you don’t want to give your ex another shot especially if you aren’t dating anyone and still have the same feelings for them? Are you static in your thoughts? One thing you must know is to avoid a relationship that isn’t stable, where you two get together and break up multiple of times. In this article, I have outlined some signs that suggest that you can give your past relationship another try, after going through these signs. If not, heal, forgive and move on.  

1. You are fond of the bond you two had:

Despite the fact that you two broke up on a rough road, you can’t help yourself but remember the fun memories you two shared. Even when you are you’re your current partner and in a situation, where they act exactly like your ex, you tend to relieve those memories. If it would be a bother in your relationship, take some time off and know what you want and make the right decision. Relationships become more intimate when you both are the best of friends. Imagine when you two are no more. Your past partner was always there, when you needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to all your hurtful words and still hug you. Genuinely, you miss those moments; don’t you? This is a good sign to get back together. 

2. Time:

Time they say heals all wounds. That’s very crucial in every relationship after a break up. Maybe all you needed was a little space to grow and be yourself. Forgiveness is very crucial to a happy life and a successful one. Holding a grudge with someone, is like holding an end of a rope and not letting it go. At the end, the only one it would hurt is you. No matter the circumstance in which you two broke up, you must truly forgive the other and yourself. After some time of being apart, you would know what you want and probably start afresh all over again. Release all the hurt and let it be no more. 

3. The problem can be fixed:

If the reason why you two broke up wasn’t that serious and no longer a problem, as time has healed you both, you two can get back together. Whatever the problem was, after realizing that there can be a solution to it, and with effective communication, you would want to be with your partner again. The chemistry alone would not fail you two. That same old feeling, between you both has become stronger than ever, you know it instantly. That’s the easiest solution right? Don’t let pride get into the way. Face the challenges, step by step and let love lead the way successfully. 

4. You both believe in second chances:

After having hard thoughts on what you want, you would end up with the idea of giving it another shot. It gets more exciting and possible when your ex feels the same way. Have you been in a situation, where the second time you two get back together, the loves gets stronger? You wouldn’t know how it got to that point but keep loving every second of the time both of you spend together. Go ahead and make your relationship work for a second time.

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