Checkout Stunning Photos Of Rihanna And Her New Boyfriend


The relationship status of various celebrities are talked about by the people of the country, most times they make it seem like it' s a big deal for a celebrity to have an affair with anyone. Maybe because they feel celebrities dont really have that time for relationships, but it' s actually not true because no one would like to leave a single life without kids and a love partner.

Checkout the case of Rihanna below;

Rihanna is an American musician artist who is specialized with Hip hop and Rnb Songs. She has become so famous and popular through the music industry.

Speaking of the love life or Relationship status of Rihanna, she is known for dating other famous celebrities like her ex- boyfriend Chris brown and Drake. Rihanna' s relationship with Chris was so public to the social media and the couple looked gorgeous together. But it wasn' t really clear of what lead to their breakup.

Popular Asap Rocky who is also an artist and rapper revealed that he is currently on a date with Rihanna. The two celebrities have been bestfriends for a long period of time and numerous of times they have been spotted and seen together while on dates and vacations.

However, he Confirmed this on his recent interview

In his words, he said:

" Yeah she is the one am with now and forever. Rihanna is love of my life from the first day we met each other, that' s when I falled in love with her. She has been motivating since then and helped me change as a person. "

They actually look very cool together and i hope they achieve a perfect end together.

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