Top 5 Word Natural Beautiful Places to Visit For a Fascinating Experience.

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They are breath taking,eye opening and indeed jaw breaking.These beautiful and historical natural sites will make your spirit of adventure complete.They give a fulfilment like no other because of the natural setting and appearance.

Palawan island (Philippines).

This place has been voted the most beautiful island more than once by UNESCO. It is sorrounded by rich lagoons and can be accessible by both water and air.

It has its unique environment and animals living there including purple crabs.

Plitvice lake national park.(Croatia).

This is one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks under UNESCO since 1979.It covers over 73000 hactares of land.It has a wonderful collection of 16 lakes around it which changes colour oftenly due to minerals and organisms underneath.It overflows with waterfalls and cascades.

Cliffs of Moher.(Ireland).

This is a sea Cliff located in the southwestern edge of Buren region county Clare Ireland.It is a recognizable landmark for big movies, TV screens, music videos,and adverts .

Famous movies produced in this region include Princes bride,The Yank and Into the world.

Antelope canyon (Arizona USA).

It's famously known as a place where water run through rocks.It is a product of milenium of rainfall and floods eroding and smoothly curving the rocks.

Its spectacular because the rocks allow light to sneak into the canyon through spaces providing a fascinating view from inside.The best time to visit it is during the summer.

Salar De Uyuni (Bolivia).

Salary De Uyuni a vast in ending mirror is a world's largest salt occupied place covering about 10000 square kilometers.The are is parked with chemicals and many minerals.

Magnesium and potassium make the largest component of minerals there.It is a very beautiful place by the view because it makes reflection and from this it got the name a "mirror".

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