I Want A Man Who Washes His Own Plates, Five-year-old Girl Advices Her Future Husband


With the rife social media's impact on society, it is close to impossible to wake up and not be thrilled by one event or the other on social media. Just when we thought we'd seen it all, social media was awaken to reality due to a revealing made by a five-year-old girl. Shaker1.com chanced on a story shared by Yen.com.gh about what a small girl looks out in his future husband.

According to the girl, she needs a man who is neat and sweeps his room. She doesn't also want a man who waits for her to come home and cook for him and a man who wears a shirt for a long time before changing it.

" I want a man who is neat and sweeps his room. I don't want a man who will wait for him to come home and cook before he will eat. I can't be with a man who will wear a shirt for 10 days before changing it and I want a man who washes his plates", she said

To critically scrutinize what the girl said, there is more wisdom in what she said than anything else. In this world where the traditional role of women has been greatly altered, it is about time men began to assume some responsibilities to help their spouses at him. For instance, though it is the preserve of women to cook in the house, it doesn't take any away from the man, if he helps cook the house meal if the woman is pressed against schedule. It is an open secret that major of Ghanaian men do this to help their wives.

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