A Student Had To End His Relationship Because He Was Asked To Take A Picture Holding This. See React

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Trust issues are developed when a partner had done wrong things in their relationship to an extent where one person feels they cannot believe their partner. An example might be an affair with another person or a strong emotional entanglement with another person.

Lying or cheating on your partner causes so much damage to them and it affects the relationship as well, normally they find it hard to trust again, and trust issues build up into insecurities. even if the person who got hurt decides to move on they will literary move on with the wound from a past relationship.

Just like this guy is in a relationship with an insecure girlfriend, a guy by the name @Fanny_Miz, take it to Twitter sharing screenshots of the conversation they had with his partner over WhatsApp, based on the conversation the guy is not happy by her girl's insecurities. The girlfriend asked him if he was home and he said yes, but it seems like his lady does not trust him because she continued to ask him to prove it by taking pictures of his room and it went on by asking him to take a picture with a spoon on his head.

Reading through the conversation you can tell that this lady has been hurt before though she was not hurt by this guy she's currently dating, it looks like she brought her past relationship wounds and they might lead her to lose this guy because he seemed not impressed by her actions hence he said "what's wrong with you honestly" the guys was surprised why would her girlfriend asked to take a picture with a spoon out of all things. if this girl continues acting this way she might lose her man. 

when people read the conversation between the two, they didn't like the lady's behavour and they went on the comment section to reply, one tweep wrote @ntanga_rav " Shiya phansi! Do you copy? Shiya phansi! Officer!

@TrueTso... "Haaai, the girlfriend is a disease..."


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