"Since Oct 20, 2020 I Have Learnt Not To Take The Act Of Crying For Granted" - Aisha Yesufu

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The one year memorial for those who died at Lekki Toll Gate due to the massacre, as they fight for a better Nigeria was taken serious and honorable all over the states in the country, and most people used their social media as well to say something, and Aisha Yesufu who is an activist and was active at the #EndSARS protest has something emotional to say.

Photo credit: Instagram - Aisha Yesufu

In her words, Aisha Yesufu said "since October 20th, year 2020 I have learnt not to take the act of crying for granted. We will not forget the massacre of 20 - 10 - 2020.

Photo credit: Instagram - Aisha Yesufu

Here are the unhidden emotional reactions from fans:

Photo credit: Instagram - Aisha Yesufu

Once again we pray that those who died during this fight, will keeping resting peaceful and may the families affected remain strengthened. Let's hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Like, Share and Follow.

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