Asymptomatic Coronavirus carriers can release virus on surfaces, scientists reveals


The rate at which Coronavirus patients that are not showing symptoms, contaminate surfaces, is as likely as those, showing symptoms for the disease, researchers reveals.

Researchers sampled the surfaces and air, of six negative pressure non-intensive care unit rooms, with 13 laboratory confirmed Coronavirus patients. Two of the patients showed no symptoms.

In the negative pressure room, a machine pulls air into the room, and thereafter, filters the air, before moving it outside.

Samples were gotten from surfaces such as bedrails, door handles, light switches, foot flush buttons, sink rims, sink and toilet bowls and drains, bedside tables, bedsheets, pillows, equipment belts on the wall, floors and air exhaust outlets.

Out of the one hundred and twelve surface samples collected, forty four were discovered positive for the disease. All of the air samples were discovered to be negative, according to the study which was published on 24th of June, in the journal mSphere

A single room occupied by asymptomatic patients, four sites including bedrail, pillow, bedsheet and the air exhaust outlet were COVID-19 positive, as written by the researchers .

From this study, it is clear that asymptomatic Coronavirus patients, can contaminate their surroundings, and also expose the virus to persons, that come in contact with them.

The Coronavirus disease which is currently ravaging the World, has infected millions of people in the World, and killed thousands.

The disease has forced many countries around the globe, to totally lockdown principal industries in their nations, in order to maintain the spread of the virus, thereby affecting the economy of most of this countries.

Scientists are still working tiredlessly, in the development of a possible treatment or vaccine, to treat or prevent the virus.

Although some countries in the World, has come out with claims, that they have developed drugs in treating the disease, however, the WHO have warned against such claims.