Curvy Ladies Cause Massive Stir As They Shake Their Big Melons And Backside To Jam To 'Ekorso'


Curvy ladies causes huge stir on social media with their big melons and big backside as they shake them to jam to Kofi Jamar's song titled 'Ekorso'.

Heads are turned, havocs are being caused as four beautiful ladies displays they curves and heavy melons to shake and dance to popular 'Ekorso' song by Kofi Jamar.

Ladies especially those with beautiful and huge curves are taking over social media this days and a lot of men are loving it.

The four ladies captured in the video didn't disappoint their followers as they turned the heads of Ghanaian men and social media as a whole with their heavy melons and huge back side shaking.

The video was posted on Instagram by 'Khojoturner'. Let quickly see photos which was captured as the beautiful curvy ladies were shaking the big melons and backside.

Obviously the lady in front of the four took over the video with her no shyness dressing as she attracted reactions with her big melons.

Clearly there was soo much excitement on their faces, well Kofi Jamar's 'Erkoso' tune seems to have gingered them to the core and there was nothing they could do but to shake big melons and backside to the tune.


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