"Must You Be From Volta Before Helping Us?" Mother Cried as she speaks.

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The people from the volta/Oti region are mostly said to be different and people said they use "agbala" in everything they do. But when you approach this particular people, they are mostly kind hearted and generous without any harm.

Gabriel is a young boy of the early teen ages who's suffering from a chronic disease to the extent that he needs to be hospitalized at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital. Because of this Leukaemia, they had to move from pillar to post spending a whole lot of money.

The mother on TV3 said " I think most people are willing to help but they claim they're not from Volta region. I also know they're not from Volta region though but Must you be from Volta region before helping us?"

The mother of the Young boy resides at Kwamikrom in the Volta/Oti region while the Man is a pastor at Kpando.

"When you give alms to the needy, it changes to blessing for you and your entire family" Gabriel's mother cried.

After all said and done, she appreciated the various plantforms which made her needs and wants known to the public and other groups in the Volta region which supported her son financially.

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