The Following Type Of Women Are A Threat To Your Development


Knowing the character of someone is very easy. It can be through someone's behavior and how she interacts with others. Many have displayed how they conduct and therefore a man has to choose wisely. However, the following group of ladies should be avoided.

Lazy women

These are the type of women who don't take part in building the family. She doesn't involve herself in work that could bring income. This results in a man carrying the whole responsibility of the house. One person providing in a home makes it hard for development.

Ladies who are hypocritical.

These types of women will tend to be so nice and loving towards their husbands but in a real sense, they pretend. The two plan to do a good project but a lady end betraying the man. As a result, one ends giving up resulting in no development.

Materialistic women.

They keep requesting items that suit them. Expensive clothes and moving to expensive hotels is what they prefer. That kind of lady brings no development and if not careful, no progress would be made.Nagging women.

This kind of lady demands a lot. They go to an extent of requesting what their partners can't afford. This puts strain on someone's income resulting in a delay in development.

As a man who wants progress in life, the above category should be avoided. It is for your benefit.

Would you marry such kinds of ladies? Leave your comment and share.


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