Cop Killed his wife after finding her with another man

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It is starting to be alarming that there are so many Police officers who are being reported that they've killed their wifes and childrens. Currently there are so many studies going on, with government trying to figure out what could be the main cause of this.

Apparently this year there are more than hundreds cases which we have read about which involves the law enforcement agencies kilking their family members. Recently is Rosemary Ndlovu who killed her members of family but this one her reasons were different and her style of killing was different.

Around 6am, police received information that the 39-year-old officer had shot his wife and wounded another man who is aged at 24 and committed suicide. It has been reported that cop's wife was with this guy.

By the look of things she was cheating behind the police officer. The [sergeant] left the scene after the alleged incident and was later found on the Carolusberg road where he allegedly committed suicide in his car by shooting himself with his service pistol.

Som ppolice officers are under pressure and then thats affect their daily lives and failed to manage the pressure. This is something which government should look on.

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