How Ikorodu Bois Went From Remaking Videos With Household Items To Being Endorsed By Hollywood Stars

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Nigerians are talented set of people. The breakthrough story of a group of young filmmakers known as “Ikorodu bois” is another reason to believe that people are talented in Nigeria and they only need the right channel to promote themselves.

Ikorodu bois are known to mimic famous music videos and Hollywood movie trailers. They have been consistent for a long time before finally getting the recognition they deserved in the year 2020.

Comprising 3 siblings and their cousin, Ikorodu bois have shown they will probably become one of the best film makers in Nigeria. They have recreated some music videos and expensive Hollywood movie trailers with the use of common household items.

Check out 3 times they have been acknowledged by some of the biggest actors and Hollywood producers for their creativity.

1 Extraction

The recreation of this Hollywood movie trailer was the beginning of Ikorodu bois breakthrough story. After working so hard to get noticed, they finally got the recognition they deserved from one of the best Hollywood movie producers, Russo Brothers.

Their amazing creativity made Russo Brothers notice them and they were giving special invitation to attend the premiere of Extraction part 2.

2 Money Heist 

Money heist is one of the most popular Netflix Spanish series. The lead actor of the series, Alvaro Morte ( The Professor) also acknowledged Ikorodu Bois after recreating some scenes in the series.

He commented on their video saying “What an amazing Job, thanks a lot for this”. This is a great achievement for any upcoming filmmaker, considering the celebrity status of Alvaro Morte.

3 Bad Boys Forever

In April 2020, Ikorodu Bois also gained the attention of one of the greatest American actor and singer, Will Smith. After recreating the trailer of Bad boys forever, a movie produced by Will Smith, he shared the clip of Ikorodu Bois on his Instagram page and captioned it with “This is genius”.

Also in 2020, they were gifted filming items by Netflix. This is such a huge achievement for teenagers who still have room for improvement. They will probably grow to become one of the best filmmakers in Nigeria.

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