Moonchild is getting married, and this is the person she is marrying

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Moonchild Sanelly is Moonchild is a South African singer, and dancer. She is mostly known by her dressing style, and her green hair. Moon child Sanelly has three daughters. Her daughters information are hard to access, especially the youngest, who are twins.

She has a reality show on MTV, and it focuses on her day to day things she gets up to. She also gets to live her day to day life in front of the viewers. This is where viewers get to see her partner.

She is dating someone who seems to be so much in love with her. Gontse is a loving girlfriend, and she has been her partner's biggest cheerleader. Moonchild also has the support MaSheila, Gontse's mother who is a support structure, making things much easier for the couple. On the latest episode, Moonchild proposed to her girlfriend, and she said yes. They are now planning for a wedding. 

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