Owino Explain Why Only Those With C Plain And Below Get Recruited During Police Recruitment

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The police spokes person Charles Owino today came out very clearly to explain the forces and reasons behind recruiting those with C plain and below during te recruitment of police officers.

According to Charles Owino during an interview in citizen television daybreak, he came out clearly to explain how recruitments of police officers are always done during the recruitment processes.

He said that recruitment of police officers is always based on ones intelligence not. Je added that intelligence is not measured in terms of how learned one is hence the reason behind recruiting those assumed to have not done well during their schooling period.

Charles Owino went ahead to explain that they don't always recruit those with c+ and above based on the fact that they always disturb later after being recruited.

He again added that those with c+ and above, immediately after recruitment, they joined university and enhance their knowledge and once they get their degrees, they get back and disturbs with issues of promotions. This has therefore led to some misunderstanding in the offices. This therefore explains why they majorly deal with those who scored C plain and below.

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