Kenyan Beggars No Longer Sit Down in the Streets with Cups. Here are What they Do

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Initially we knew beggars as some poor men and women who would sit in strategic positions within towns the hope for donations from pedestrians. This has however changed, the obvious fact that beggars are poor people seeking for help to acquire basic needs remain, but sitting at strategic points these days seem fruitless. This has since called for innovative ways to help them reap even more. Some of these new techniques are as shared below;

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Walking from Door to Door

Though this doesn't sound new, but its isn't an old technique either. Initially, only a few beggars walked from shop to shop, door to door or car to car asking for help. These days, the numbers have increased. You'll meet a young man, woman or kid pushing a physically handicapped man or woman, or even helping a blind man make their way with a mug on their hands. Sometimes they become so stubborn to be honest.

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Another technique used by beggars these days is pretence.

At times while walking along the streets of Nairobi, especially the upper streets, someone well dressed will approach you claiming to have been robbed or have been waiting for someone whose not arriving. They then ask if you could get them some money just for fare. But if you follow them keenly even after you've given them the fare, you'll find them approaching other people with the same narratives. Some pretend that they are sick, especially women, and that they need fare back home or even donations for hospital bills. Following them closely, youll realise they use the same narrative everyday or even twist them to boost their creativity.

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Last and not least is selling simple snacks such as "Njugu karanga", sweets and chewing gums. When a pedestrian fails to buy, they ask for help instead. And I quote;

Beggar: Brathe/Sis si unipromote nipate pesa ya chakula tafadhali.

Brathe/Sis: Leo hapana

Beggar: Basi si unipromote na kambao nikunywe hata maziwa

Brathe/Sis: (Quiet)

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Nairobi hadi beggars wamechanuka. Thanks for reading

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