A Sad Moment After KNEC Examiners Go Home Unpaid


Teachers trained as Kenya National Examinations Council examiners have gone home having not been paid. This is after a strenuous session of marking the exams for a period not less than two weeks.

The marking exercise kicked of two weeks ago, after various examiners reported to their various marking centers with ease. The session went on uninterrupted untill when some examiners completed their marking and as usual signed documents to enable the processing their payment. Shockingly the received less amount of money as expected and this made them to alert their friends in other marking centers.

This amouted to some boycotting marking protesting of the same as they Feared it may happen to them too. On getting through with the marking after reconciliation, signing was done for their claims but until now nothing has been paid.

Their worry is whether they will be paid even after they signed. Some narrates how they had to call back home to get their fare back home. We hope that they are safely back home and that KNEC will pay them their dues.

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