Skating Gone Wrong: These 20 Photos Will Show You Why Skating Is Slowly Killing You


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We are all aware how skating has got many people injured. Some involve in skating just for fun, others for show off. Skating is a kind of recreational sport whereby a skateboard is needed to dive around.

Skating can also be termed skateboarding. I am very sure we might have seen someone getting injured because of this dangerous sport. Although, skating can be termed to be a very high recreational activity. When we skate, the muscles, knee joint, ankles e.t.c also become flexed.

However, the whole phenomenom still boils down to tge fact that skating is very harmful. In the process, the skateboard might just drill to another lane and we might just trip and fall. We all know the pain it brings.

Desist from dangerous skating. There are other simpler reacreational activities than skating. As you can all these pictures below, each of those depict instances whereby people get injured as a result of skating.

This one above is even at the process of losing his live. As you can see, he is on a supporting machine. Totally desist from it, ut is dangerous.

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