Diego Costa Is Back

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Ex Atletico Madrid and Chelsea forward Diego Costa has joined Atletico Mineiro and the Spanish is expected to resume his goal scoring duty following a eight months leave.

Diego was a free agent since December after his Atletico Madrid exit after they agreed his petition of revoking his contract

In the 2013 Costa enabled Atletico to lift the Spanish trophy with a total of 27 goals. They moreover went all the way to the final of Champions League though they were beaten 4-1 by antagonists Real Madrid following Costa's hamstring injury that sent him off early.

He signed for Chelsea in 2014 where he made an instant impact, propelling the Blues through the two subsequent EPL seasons where he scored 20 goals in every season.

The mysterious forward enrolls for Atletico Mineiro, who won beat Palmeiras 2-0 on Saturday and broadened their lead with five points in Brazil's Serie A.

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