Use This Method To Detect For 2 Weeks Pregnancy


Pregnancy is caused when a matured egg swims to fertilize an egg during sexual intercourse.A feotus start to develop which may later come out as a baby.

In this hard times , catering for a child is never easy so most pregnant mother try as much as possible to detect pregnancy early as 2 weeks so as to find a way to abort the child?

But do you think aborting children is good?

Abortion can even lead to further damage of the womb.

Today in this article, we will be looking at some ways you can use to determine pregnancy as early as 2 weeks so do well to Follow.

Being pregnant doesn't means that your stomach may grow big within the first 2 weeks but is a gradual process.

Developing of feotus varies in every individual ,some people have it earlier and others have slow rate of development, but most atimes the feotus start developing from as earlier as 2 weeks.

#a missed period.


#tender and swollen breasts.

#nausea or vomiting.

#increased urination.


Also you can also use the german pregnancy test to check whether you are pregnant or not.

Another method you can also use is the salt test . Let's see how the salt test is done.

Salt Test.

#Add about 2 spoon to small amount of water (20ml).

#Allow the mixture to dissolve.

#Add your urine to the mixture.


If the mixture turns to be milky or cheesy it indicates pregnancy.


A compound in the urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) only found in the urine of pregnant women reacts with salt water to be milky .

Do you think that determine Pregnancy as early as 2 weeks may be possible or not?

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