Manchester United Main Problem Ahead Of Europa League Final|Opinion


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Manchester united is a team that plays English Premier League and it is managed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. United has shown a good play since the season started and that why the might finish the league at position 2.

It is very clear that Manchester united is preparing to meet with Villarreal at Europa League final. According to the Way Manchester united has played in the last Three games, there is a clear indication that everything is not fine.

Here are key problems that are facing Manchester united:

1. Injury Updates.

One of the mist important player in Manchester united squad is in doubt if he will participate in The Final. Maguire who is also the captain of United is said to have suffered from an ankle injury.

2. Experience in Finals:

This game against Villarreal is the first final to be played by united under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. And this might be a challenge to both players and the coach.

3. Conceding First Goals.

The this is the worst mistake that should not happen in any Final competition. Reason even one goal can be defended through out the game. So united should make sure that they do not concede the goal Being the first.

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