Zodwa Recently Left Mzansi Tunned After Mzansi Noticed This In #GomoraMzansi. (Watch)

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Zodwa Recently Left Mzansi Stunned After Mzansi Noticed This In #GomoraMzansi



I love this woman she deserve awards. The she starts speaking English I make sure that ii concentrate very well, i never wanna miss that English. Her English will make you forget that you know English. Mara Zodwa hayke hence down she deserves all the awards in industry. Zodwa recently left mzansi stunned when she speaks her English with the police officer who was questioning about the death of Don Buthelezi.

Police officer – “Are these your children?”Zodwa – “This one is mine. The other one, I didn’t birth it, but it’s mine. Her mother is passing out.”

Zodwa she nailed her role.......l didn't birth it.It would have been just yes if she didn't give away that 40miilion, no wonder her mother keeps passing out. And she also once said I give birth it and I feed it and I will kill it because its mine. The moment she starts speaking islungu, i make sure I concentrate, I never wonna miss that English .

Not Zodwa saying she's going to pee on herself. English never loved us but Mzozozo is the best Actor she deserves all awards. She is giving less fortunate in English to be listened to aswell, i love her i father and mother to Teddy we are sons n mothers.

English is not her mother tongue, but her cousin's tongue. Mzansi have recognized her as the best shame, they love her broken English. Without any doubt she like Brutus From The Queen. I think both her and Brutus doesn't follow script, they speaks whatever come from her mind. Season one she said " I don't have a problem with your patents , it's your mother and your dad that I have problem with"  aaah Zodwa she's the best. Her English will make you forget that you know English.

And then come the boyfriend "my name is Bongani Chisanyama and me and Zodwa we are on n off."

Police officer - "Who are you?"

Bongani - "As I've said, I am Bongani Shisanyama."

Imagine introducing yourself by saying your name and where you work. This cop looks exactly like an apartheid cop who kicked me for laughing his child after it fell off from the bicycle. This police man he's enjoying this. When he's appeared on the screen to interview Zodwa he knows that he's here to lough even though he can't lough in front of the viewers.

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