These Are Causes Of Early Grey Hair And Nutrients That Could Help Prevent It

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Hair greying is one of the most common parts of the aging process which might occur to most people at old age, but this can also appears to others at an early stage.

Below are common causes and preventions of early grey hairs.


This is a common cause of premature grey hair as researchers confirmed that chronic stress can cause attack hair and lead to loss of pigment.

Thyroid Disorder and Genetics.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located around the base of your neck, lack of proper functioning of the thyroid gland leads to early signs of white air while genetics also has a similar connection with causing premature grey hair.

If your parents or grandparents had issues of early white hair, there are chances you might have also.


Apart from increasing the risk of heart diseases and lung cancer, smoking can also be dangerous for your hair.


Folic acid

This is also known as folate as it is often used to increase hair growth and also plays a huge role in hair coloring, it rebuilds hair follicle cells and prevents hair from falling out.

Folate is capable of stopping your strands from turning grey, in addition taking care to growth moisture and calming inflammation.

Foods that contain this nutrients are fruit juice, beans and grains.


This mineral has an important role to play in keeping hair from going grey before its time, copper also helps in hair growth and strength.

Loads of copper nutrients is present in leafy vegetables, poultry or fish as well as dried apricots and figs.


This mineral is crucial for healthy hair and reversal of premature grey hair, many women are low on iron due to the blood loss that happens in menstruation which makes iron deficiency a common deficiency in the women.

Foods like spinach, eggs, peaches and red peppers contains iron which serves as a prevention of early greying of hair.


This is another mineral that influences the whole hair building process, when the diet is low in zinc, hair growth slows down and shedding, thinning, brittleness and pigment loss begins to occur.

It acts as a prevention of premature grey hair, zinc-rich foods includes meat or pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin b12

Vitamin b12 is essential for protein synthesis and red blood, it is also important for the hair follicles as it reverses grey hair.

Vitamin b12 is only naturally present in animal products like poultry, meat, fish, milk and eggs.

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