Raila Odinga's Brightens As His Top Lawyer Delivers This Powerful Message


Building bridges initiative case is at the high court and the hearing was scheduled today. Raila Odinga has a strong team of lawyers including his legal advisor Paul Mwangi. Mwangi is a great lawyer in the country and he is known for the great job he has done for the ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The top lawyer in the country has left Kenyans talking with the sarcastic message he has deliverer to the high court. He is among the top lawyers representing the ODM leader at the high court regarding the BBI matters.

As quoted by TV 47, the top lawyer has dropped a sarcastic message to the high court regarding why the president can change the Constitution and it's against the law. " The only law that can not be changed is the Law of God others all man-made laws can be changed" Mwangi quoted.

The lawyers representing the BBI case are expected to restore the hopes of the bill as its owners expect positive results from the appeal. Share what do you think about this article.

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