Nigerian Man Became The Cynosure Of All Eyes As He Shows His Love For His Newly-Wedded Older White Woman


One of the best thing that can happen to a man is seeing the love of his life, no wonder the bible says that he that finds a wife, finds a good thing. The sigh of relief that comes with marriage from the side of the man is unspeakable as they are often the most happiest person after a successful marriage. Seeing a black man getting married to a fellow black lady is nice and cool, but it is super nice when it comes to interracial marriage.

A lot of Nigerians living abroad or in Nigeria have fallen in love with a white lover and this has made them to either come to Nigeria to meet them, or tell them to come down to where they are staying. The most common type of this interracial marriage is a black man falling in love and getting married to a white lady who most of them met online and traveled down to Nigeria conduct their wedding.

In a recent update by Warri Aproko on Facebook, a man simply identified as Ufuoma has become the cynosure of all eyes after he wedded the love of his life who is a white lady. The writer, ReignJerry learnt that Ufuoma is a Warri boy who resides in Udu Road, Warri, Delta State as revealed by my source. The young man was seen going down on one kneel as he posed to snap with his white lover and after then, he carried her in his arms just the way a groom carries his bride.

The man seems to be a happy and fulfilled man as he was seen laughing in the pictures posted. He must be be so glad and excited to have won the heart of the lady and also walked her down the aisle in a grand style.

Some Nigerians have reacted to the photos as most of them said that they guy married the white lady because of money after they noticed that the lady is far older than he is. Others said he probably agreed to marry her so he can secure his future and get out of poverty.

Below are screenshots of their reactions

To you out there, can you marry a while guy/lady judging from the fact that people normal attribute such decision to 'money'?