4 young men allegedly been terrorizing Alexandra community

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4 young partners that have been purportedly compromising Alexandra social class the beyond quite a while, have at last been gotten today.

The 4 suspectare related with various grievances locally of Robberies, house breaking and vehicle seizing. The 4 energetic partners anot even a solitary one is north of 29 years old, to manage the age of the for suspect.

In their late 20s yet in advance executing serious terrible ways of behaving in Alexandra has a ton of awful conduct issues, youngsters grow up under such circumstances when life hits them they go to awful way of behaving and remedies and liquor.

The SAPS and JMPD got 4 male suspects today in the early evening time attempting to get a vehicle, tragically they got found out right now the JMPD and the SAPS partook in the episode.

They will not be compromising Alexandra social class any more, they will be confined and serve they time in prison, an excellent magnum opus of workmanship by the experts who addressed the grumblings and got the suspects.

source: https://twitter.com/VehicleTrackerz/status/1542491373894598657?t=DU0aW7lYG7ewjths0LO6VQ&s=19

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