Is Wilder a 'sore loser' for refusing to take Fury's handshake at the end of their trilogy fight?

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Tyson maintained his title to be the World Heavyweight Champion after knocking out Deontay Wilder consecutively. 

Fury wasn't happy about Wilder's gesture to him after the fight, he claimed the Bronze Bomber refused to shake his hands. Without mincing any words, Fury called Wilder 'a sore loser' for refusing to accept his handshake. 

A Sore Loser is a person who complains and blames others for their loss in a fight. Wilder in his reaction to the match, blamed Fury for being a 'ballet dancer.' And all he does in their fight is to rest his body on him. But hold on Wilder, Why didn't you come up with a strategy to avoid that before the match? 

I think you can make excuses after a fight when being beaten. When it gets to the second fight, your explanation for being whacked is not factual in any form. Tyson Fury is a big guy, he used his body and skills to outsmart the Bronze Bomber. He rests his body on Wilder and lands those dirty jabs on him. This is part of the precepts in Boxing. 

Wilder's claim is null and void. He underrated Fury in all ramifications boasted about knocking him off in the first round. Frankly, his weakness is that he gets too tired. Fury started landing those jabs and punches on his body and face when he realized that he was weak. He [Wilder] is not smart enough to realize the fight is not ending in the fourth round, throwing punches in an unprofessional manner costs him so much. 

Is Wilder a sore loser for refusing to shake Fury after the fight? Yes, I think he is. Trying to find fault with others when we all know it was a fair fight makes him even a big sore loser. Fury is now the World Heavy Weight Champion and that's all that matters to the Boxing World. 

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