Serwaa Amihere gets fans happy after asking if they want to see her pictures in bikini

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Serwaa Amihere is a Ghanaian beauty who has been on the minds of most Ghanaians. Her impeccable beauty has landed her the spot of getting many crushes whenever a single picture of her gets dropped on the internet.

She is an epitome of beauty and most importantly, her brains are the potent type, a combination of beauty with brains, I must say. Journalism saw her being elevated up high like the military hoists flags. Many Ghanaians got to know and admire her on the television. In less than an hour ago, she just asked a question which has shaken the core of the internet. People who were sleeping have been awakened, the tired have been made strong and the silent has been loud.

Imagine the joy that comes with seeing your crush ask you if you wanted to see her in bikini. Well, this is exactly the feeling most Ghanaians are going through this evening. Beauty looked them right in the face and asked if she could show more. Take a look at the bottom of the picture below and see what she typed

I think this question needs not to be asked because looking at the comments flying in from all directions, I have been convinced that I am not the only one waiting to see such greatness. Almost every person on Twitter has been excited with that statement and are looking forward to see the grand day.

She may be probably joking but looking at how alert and curious the boys are, I doubt they will take it cool when they get to see she was really joking. In as much as most boys are waiting patiently to see her post those pictures, some other guys are asking her to discard that idea.

They claim she has a huge reputation and therefore shouldn't tarnish her image by posting those pictures. I know it will soon start a debate. Some are eager to see the pictures, others are busily antagonizing that idea. Let's see what the future has for us.

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