United States Mounts More Pressure On Buhari, Says Ban Of Twitter Undemocratic


President Muhammadu Buhari has been informed by the United States of America that limiting social media use has no place in a democratic country.

This was announced to Buhari by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a declaration signed by his spokesman, Ned Price.

The declaration was headlined "Nigeria's Twitter Suspension," and the US slammed the Buhari government's indefinite ban on Twitter.

The statement reads, 'The United States opposes the Nigerian Government's prolonged suspension of Twitter and subsequent threats to arrest and prosecute Twitter-using Nigerians. The USA is also worried that all television and radio broadcasters have been told by the Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission to stop using Twitter.

"The ability of Nigerians to report, collect, and spread thoughts and information is not legitimately restricted in a democracy. Free online and offline expression and access to information are fundamental to successful and secure democratic societies.

"We support Nigeria in its efforts to achieve unity, peace and development. As its partner, we urge on the government to reverse this suspension, respecting its citizens' right to freedom of expression."

The Buhari government stated last Friday that the microblogging website will be suspended indefinitely.

Buhari Govt respects the constitution of Nigeria, the rule of law - AGF Malami Malami

The Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed announced that the ban had raised certain security concerns, adding that Nigerians continuously used this platform to undermine Nigeria's corporate survival.

The restriction included Nigeria in the list of nations that have Twitter difficulties North Korea, Iran, China and Turkmenistan

The Nigerian Government decided a few days after Twitter removed a Buhari provocative remark threatening the southeast with violence.

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