All about Depression


Hello and thank you for clicking on this article. If you did so, it is because you know someone in this state, or you are in one yourself.

Depression is definitely a negative emotion. It drives you away from loved ones as well as positivity. It makes you think that you have no one to talk to, or trust and diminishes the way you see yourself. One way or another, we all have been in this state before. If this topic is up, it is because depression rate is increasing, and it is not really paid attention to. Victims of depression end up having suicidal thoughts, and also loose most of their friends. They tend to push everyone away because they are scared to be vulnerable; to open up, to be hugged and be told that everything is alright. That no matter what they are going through, they are not alone. It is a fight that they would need all the support they can get, all the assurances and the love. 

Sometimes depression makes us lose focus on the things that really matter. The people around us who give it their all, to enable us have the best in life. Depression comes in many folds. One might be depressed because of the way they look, what they do not have, and what their purpose on this earth is. You see others fulfilling theirs and you are just stuck on this earth, wondering what about yours. All I got to say is; be patient. The best time awaits you. Don’t rush or doubt God just because your friends are moving ahead and you are still at one place. No one posts their flaws. At the end, it is the result that matters. If you are worried about your looks, be grateful that at least you get to see how you look, even when you don’t appreciate it. If you are having a hard time believing in yourself, hope this helps; “you are an amazing person and you look exactly how God pictured you to be”. Life gets easier when you accept that fact and be happy. Everything you have someone out there wishes they could get even half of it. Never ever take it for granted.  

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Image credit to: The recovery village