Scammer arrested in Verulam town, after trying to scam a private officer using fake money

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These days it is hard to believe that people who dress beautifully are the ones on the streets to scam people their hard earned money. Another scammer has been caught in the middle of the street in Verulam town after trying to scam an officer his hard earned money.

It is alleged that thr police knew about his activities after being alerted by the people in the area. The police sent out a private official to investigate the man behind the scene. That time the scammerwas not ready for what is coming, he tried to scam the officer by convincing him that he will double his money if only he shares his confidential details to him. " He asked for my identity to perform miracles". When I refuse he later on he demanded wanted a bank account, claiming that money will reach my account.

We alert people to be vigilant out there scammers are all over the place. We arrested him so far looking forward to go for his friends. They drop a chunk of fake money on the road, the minute you pick it they are all over you for a share beware.

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