Khuli Chana and his wife enjoy a pool party with family and friends.

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Life is too short and can pass you up so fast. It shouldn't pass you by. Enjoy all the moments even the smallest ones. You never know when everything can change. One thing about God is when he shines on you, he makes it bright. Enjoy with your loved ones. 

Lamiez Holworthy has worked hard her entire life. It took her a long time to finally break into the showbiz world. Now that she is in, nothing can stop her. She currently a television presenter on Live and recently became a radio presenter on Metro FM. Making it her dream come true. 

Her and her family had a pool party even invited her Redbull family. She looked beautiful. We also noticed that she had a wall for champagne covered by a glass. She shared her and her husband in one of the pictures. They looked cute as always. Congratulations are still in order for being a radio presenter. 

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