Heal Your Knees And Rebuild Your Bones And Joints With This Powerful Mixture.

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It is a commonly held belief that when your joints begin to deteriorate, there's nothing you can do to prevent the process. Treatment is usually aimed at relieving pain, lowering inflammation and slowing the course of the disease. The medications used to do this can be effective, but also carry the risk of side effects such as indigestion, stomach ulcers, liver or kidney damage and increased risk of heart attacks.

Over time, our body can experience irreparable damage because of the usual wear and tear, and due to all this, we often suffer pain and discomfort. Our joints became less flexible, and we often feel aches in them, especially in the knees. Joint pain is a result of diverse factors, which includes aging, injuries, and poor body posture, and might lead to severe complications. This problem needs to be addressed in time in order to prevent further issues. However, there's a natural treatment which is a perfect cure for the pain in the knees.

Here is how to prepare it:


3 tablespoons of raisins

40 grams of pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

4 tablespoons of sesame seeds

200 ml of honey

8 tablespoons of flaxseed


All you need to do is to combine all the ingredients in a blender. Then, pour the mixture into a glass bottle, and store it in the fridge.

How to use:

You need to take a tablespoon of the combination two times a day, in the morning, on an empty stomach, and before your lunch. This syrup will boost the metabolism, and strengthen the joints and bones. In a very short time, you will experience great benefits.


Gelatin is a protein which comes from skin, ligaments and bones. It is used as a thickening agent in many foods. It is rich in collagen, one of the essential building blocks of bone and cartilage. It can assist to protect the joints and prevent wear and tear.


Honey has anti-inflammatory effects because of its high antioxidant content. Honey acts as a sweet base for this recipe and has natural preservative properties.

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